Terms of use

  • A term definition:

    GlobalFinances.io – it is a crowdfunding platform for investment perspective business projects. For investment is used BTC and ETH cryptology.

    GFXT- is a site currency which used for internal calculation in the system.

    GFXT (ERC20) – a currency in the blockchain «Ethereum» system. It is used for resale on the exchange. After user invest GFXT in certain business project, GFXT (ERC20) is charged additionally.

    A business project – it is a project, needed previous financing for its «start». The project is created for the purpose of return the investment for its investors under certain terms.

  • A subject of agreement:

    2.1 A company offers a business-projects for investors who want to invest their resources as cryptology and increase their own profit.

    2.2. Administration posts information only about a perspective projects on the site which needs the investment and ready to return funds under different terms individually.

    2.3. Administration assures recurrence of business projects investment.

    2.4. Investment is only possible with the internal site currency – GFXT.

    2.5. After user investment in the project a certain amount of GFXT (ERC20) currency will be charged to him. A sum for every business project is individual.

  • An approval process:

    3.1. Due to registration on our site you agree with a privacy policy.

    3.2. If you bought GFXT tokens on our site you automatically agree with terms of use

    3.3. Due to investment GFXT tokens in business projects you agree with refusal of responsibility by our site.

  • Terms and conditions of provision of services:

    4.1. For getting an opportunity to invest funds in business projects you need to buy GFXT tokens with one of the proposed ways on the site.

    4.2. You become a project member and cryptology will be invested after you choose an interesting project and pass through procedure of investment.

    4.3. You also can carry out the transfer and get a GFXT tokens from any members of project.

  • A price, payment method and order:

    5.1. BTC and ETH cryptology are used for payment. A payment order has a constant term on our site and all you need is to transfer BTC or ETH cryptology to the one of the offered props by our company in BTC or ETH system.

  • Rights and responsibilities of the users:

    6.1. User has a right to informative and technical support by site administration.

    6.2. User has a right to appeal in case of lost his/her resources of investment in the unsuccessful project.

    6.3. User should only use a site by appointment. Due to refusal of responsibility and terms and conditions of use user has no right to share a site links with negative comments, copy a site materials and do fraudulent statements or actions. In case of doing this your account will be blocked with no right unlock and your resources keep in company`s reserve.

    6.4. Under forbidden is to use a tokens for pay any goods or services which dissemination violates the law of the USA, the Russian Federation, Germany, Ukraine and Switzerland.

  • Rights and responsibilities of the site administration:

    7.1. Site administration has a right to change any site information and terms of provision of services and a privacy policy. New conditions consider acceptable if user continue to use site.

    7.2. Administration has a right to block users with acceptable behavior on a site.

    7.3. Administration ought to inform its users about any changes on the site.

    7.4. Administration ought to follow clear and honest provision of services.

  • Responsibility of the parties:

    8.1. Both parties have responsibility for the law of the USA, the Russian Federation, Germany, Ukraine and Switzerland and also for site «refusal of responsibility».

  • Misunderstanding and its solution:

    9.1. Whole the conflicting situation are considered in the written form only which user send to the post of our company.

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