Privacy policy

We aim to provide maximum comfort during working with your project, that’s why your confidentiality highly important for us.

Personal information is only taken for verification Your person as a client of our site.Specified data aren’t sent or sold to another person in no case. With registration on our site you automatically agree with processing personal information for identification on our server and mailing. Transfer data is impossible to another person, except of cases, provided in section «Conditions of use of the website»

  • What data we collect and use?

    We collect data from your previous registration form: name, email and later use it in an informational messages. You can also refuse from our information mailing list at any time.

  • How does data is protected?

    Our company use international standards on data protection and privacy. Actions we do are directed to protect your personal data and integrity of our network. But we cannot guarantee absolutely protection your personal information from unauthorized actions of hackers.

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