Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to get a profit from our resources?

    All you need to buy GFXT tokens and invest it in a projects. In this way you will get you profit and also get GFXT token ЕРС20.

  • What GFXT token is?

    It is an internal site currency which is used for investment in business projects. It can be transferred internal between site members or let out into outer wallet.

  • What GFXT token ЕРС20 is?

    It is a token you get additionally in the system «Blockchain Ethereum» after buying a token GFXT.

  • How to get a GFXT token?

    You can buy it on our site by bitcoin or efir crypto.

  • How to let money out form the account?

    Fill the appropriate application form with your props in personal cabinet.

  • How to choose a project to invest in?

    Every project page has its own information about what a sum you need to start with and what amount money you can possibly get.

  • What a guarantee of honest work of our site?

    We do not promise the unbelievable prospect for our investors because the main purpose of us is to create a big platform which will be develop together with them. We also are ready to set a project online watching, to hold a sessions with investors where be a main shareholdings.

  • What risk can be in the project investment?

    The investment in the cryptocurrency is always a risk. If you buy tokens on our site you agree with «Refusal of responsibility» by our company in case you lose your resources. We can only guarantee you our clear and honest work.

  • What would be with my investment in case of the project bankruptcy?

    If the project you invest your money in would not bring income to you there is a reimbursement in its own individual way for every user.

  • Why there are not any props of company on the site?

    The company props will be available only after project starts and the venture fund opens. At the current moment there is no need to connect a project activity with a bank sector.

  • Where is located the company office?

    We communicate with outsourcings in different parties in the world in order to reduce project servicing costs. More information you can find on our page in section «Contacts».

    At the moment we do not have a regular office. The marketing department is located in New York, the IT department is located in CIS countries and UAE.Businessmen from Germany, OAE, England, the Czech Republic and the USA also work together for our projects.

  • Where I can find more details about your company?

    More details are in section about our company.

  • How can I contact you to ask more question?

    In the section «Contacts» you can find email address of employees our site to ask for more question.

  • How can I contact with technical support team?

    You can fill the application form with your problem and our manager send it to the appropriate department.

  • What a guarantee of privacy my data?

    We do not publicize any privacy data to other people. All information is kept in encrypted form.

  • How to invest my tokens correctly?

    Go to the section «Projects» and see all available projects. Just choose one and click «To invest».

  • What will happen in case the project does not get necessary amount of investment during a period?

    Tokens come back on the investor`s account or period of investment will be continued.

  • How can I publish my project for investment resources?

    At the moment we do not have such an opportunity. In the future this function will be also available, but you ought to identify your person in the office.

  • How long investment will be returned?

    It depends on type of the project. Mainly, we offer project which can bring you income in amount 200-500% of your deposit in term within 1-3 year. After that time this project will be transferred into archive and any payment will not be charged.

  • How can I invest to an indefinite term?

    We will be creating a special strategic projects with our investors. This projects you can easily invest in for an indefinite term.

  • Why does rate of tokens will grow up?

    Buying tokens and investment it into the projects give you the same profit as our company. Company`s income increase helps it to grow and expand at the same time. Obviously, your income is also increase. Minimal company`s income is a guarantee token`s price on the exchange. With increase company`s income the price of token also grows up. Project GF will be getting more popularity and its functional also increase. Bigger amount of users brings a bigger demand for GFXT token, since the maximum amount of tokens is limited, the price any of it will grow up. A deflationary model of token economy provides token price increase in long term prospect.

Still have any questions?