About us

Our company was founded in 2017. Our team consist of thirty employees in different fields of IT development, marketing and advertising.

We go hand in hand with modern trends of technology development and convinced in the perspective future of cryptocurrency, which nowadays brings a big income to their owners. Today our team is united only for one purpose: creating an enormous platform, which investors can put their cryptocurrency in and successful businessmen get investment for their business projects in return.

Site GF it is a crowdfunding platform for financing successful projects, which have clear business plan. This plan is concluded with certain conditions for return investment to their owners.

Business ideas of different categories like construction, sport, IT, cryptocurrency and another important trends with be published on the site.

GF – platform created by people and for people. The program is independent from banking and government system. For gathering investment we use BTC і ETH cryptocurrency, because it is a modern and clear way for investing funds and getting income. Every project takes a careful and properly check-out. On the site we post only the most perspective projects which bring the income to investors and our company in the future.

The commission is 10% of amount of investment, which should be gathered. The author of business project is responsible to pay this sum.

Check out the latest news in the social networks and on the out site. Ask the question, make your investment profitably and get profit.

With best regards your GF team

our dreamteam

Davide Keller


I am a CFO in the company of Global Finances. I manage financial flows and distributions of the company. I like the idea of the project, and i believe in the company's great future

James Davies

Consultant on blockchain

I work in Global Finances as a consultant of Blockchain. I provide consulting and mediation services for purchases and transactions. This project is interesting to me, and I am glad to be part of this team.

Robert Dressleer

Project Manager

Global Finances is a promising project about which the world will soon know. I am very interested in being in this team. I occupy the position of Project Manager and I manage the whole project, plan and control the execution of tasks.

Teodor Jaspers

Technical director

In this company I am one of the managers and I am a technical director. I am in charge of the technical policy and prospects of the company. The project itself is interesting to me and, in my opinion, will be successful.

Marius Rasmussen


I am responsible in this company for marketing. I also work closely with the team and do my best to let everyone know about Global Finances. Personally, I think the project is a great idea.

Johann Muller

Vice director

I work for a company as vice director. As one of the leaders, I am responsible for the development of the company and do everything possible for this. The project looks promising and I look forward to the success of this company.